Management support business for medical institutions

We support all phases of medical institution management, from the formulation of improvement plans through to providing medical services to patients, in response to the various issues faced by medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, nursing care facilities, etc.) We support the spread of patient-oriented medical care required by a changing society.


Medical Institution Operations Support

We provide a variety of services necessary for the operation of the medical institutions we support.

Services Offerings

  • ・Strategic support
  • ・Administrative support
  • ・Marketing support
  • ・HR/recruiting support
  • ・Support for IT, accounting, general affairs, etc.
  • ・Procurement support

Medical Institution Revenue Growth Assistance

We support medical institutions in realizing sales growth and business scale expansion.

Services Offerings

  • ・M&A
  • ・PMI (Post Merger Integration: Business integration process after acquisition).
  • ・Hospital bed conversion
  • ・Clinic launches

Medical Institution Cost Optimization Support

We assist hospitals and clinics in scrutinizing costs and identifying areas where unnecessarily high costs can be reduced to a reasonable amount.

Business Fields

In-home care

We support in-home care clinics, where in-home care workers visit the homes and facilities of patients who have difficulty going to a hospital.

Hospital Care

We support a variety of hospitals and clinics, including acute care, rehabilitation , and chronic care.

Dialysis Care

We support hospitals and clinics that provide dialysis care for patients with impaired renal function.

Outpatient Care

We provide support for clinics that provide initial and ongoing care for a wide range of diseases, particularly ophthalmology and pediatrics.



We provide management and operational support for Japanese-affiliated hospitals, which are unique in Vietnam, as well as in-house operation of primary care clinics.


In Indonesia, where there are many patients with lifestyle-related diseases, we provide support for dialysis medical institutions.