CUC Partners Philosophy

This is the fundamental philosophy shared and carried through by all employees of CUC Partners, who work in a variety of professions. It consists of three concepts: Mission, Statement and Way.

* CUC Partners is the name of the community of CUC Group companies and the medical institutions we support.


“Mission” expresses what we exist for and what we have come together to achieve for the society. It defines who we are and what CUC Partners is all about.


“Way” is the guideline for our actions to realize our mission and is shared by all of us who share the CUC Partners philosophy in all our businesses and positions.


“Statement” is a pledge that defines how we start down the path towards our mission and is a fundamental idea that all of us at CUC Partners must share.


Creating Hope Through Healthcare.

Healthcare serves as a wellspring of hope, providing peace of mind for individuals and helping to realize a better society.
We operate in a period of constant and unprecedented change, but overcoming the challenges that we face helps us to bring about transformation and development.
Looking towards the future where our children will live, we ceaselessly pursue a vision of better healthcare, and we are committed to creating a society where people feel secure and reassured.
This, in essence, embodies our mission.


In Unity, We Can Achieve.

Our purpose is to bring solace to as many individuals as possible,
ensuring that patient-centered healthcare becomes the norm.
While there are many obstacles on the way to achieving this, we keep going, driven by our strong and unwavering commitment.

We are committed to providing patient-centered healthcare to as many people as possible.

Proper healthcare is integral to human existence, wherein every patient should receive care tailored to their needs and preferences. However, practical realities often hinder individuals from being able to experience this. We constantly grapple with a variety of complex factors such as time constraints, the availability of high-quality medical services, accommodating larger populations, and maintaining sustainability. Moreover, the fact that each patient has unique desires, symptoms, and backgrounds, makes the pursuit of patient-centered healthcare an even greater challenge.

”We will not give up no matter what.”
This determined mindset is the foundation of our mission.

However, it is precisely due to these formidable challenges that we continue to collaborate with like-minded advocates who share our unwavering ideals, and why we continually seek answers to questions like, “What are the patients’ hopes?” and “Can we do more?” We take whatever action is necessary, no matter how small, to realize these aspirations and become agents of positive change. And while we are aware of the significant obstacles ahead, we remain undeterred, for it is precisely here that our mission finds its origin.

Just as pioneers of old sought out new continents by venturing into the seas, today’s landscape also demands vision related to the unknown. Our mission is Creating Hope Through Healthcare, and to achieve this, each one of us must embrace a determined pursuit of our ideals, and boldly effect change.

Creating a society where patient-centered healthcare is accessible to all requires a collective effort. It calls for a united assembly of partners who share common values and aspirations. To this end, we have devised the CUC Partners Way as a guiding framework for daily decision-making. As a result, as we progress, each new day will bring greater advancement than the previous day. By embracing this path, we envision a brighter tomorrow for our children, as patient-centered healthcare becomes not only accessible but deeply ingrained in the hearts and minds of all. We are fully committed to patient-centered healthcare for all, no matter the challenges.


1.Prioritizing Patients’ Needs over Our Own Perspectives.

The patient always takes precedence. Before commencing any work, we ask ourselves, “What does the patient before us need?” Then we do whatever we can to fulfill those needs and expectations. For instance, rather than offering curt responses to questions, we communicate empathetically, asking if they have any questions, or physically position ourselves at eye level to foster rapport. Recognizing that each patient perceives differently, we have abandoned notions such as “This will make it easier for me” or “This will make me too busy,” and instead take into account the patient’s perspective in all our actions and communications.


2.Seeking Solutions, Not Making Excuses.

Irrespective of challenges or circumstances, we do not make excuses for why something cannot be done. Instead, we actively seek ways to accomplish our goals. If constrained by time, we consider how we can make time for it. When a task appears too arduous for an individual to undertake alone, we embrace a collaborative approach, knowing that cooperation propels positive change. We reject the mindset of passively waiting for others to act, instead realizing that it is our collective responsibility to identify possible ways to overcome challenges and actively implement them.


3.Pursuing Ideals, Driven by Innovation.

As we attend to our patients’ needs, we also consider the impact on future generations. We envision sustainable methods to offer quality medical care to the widest possible audience within limited time frames. Innovation remains our key to deal with the complex challenges we face. We value good ideas that defy conventional wisdom and precedent, visualizing our own future and charting the best pathways to realize our ideals. By embracing new technologies and unconventional thinking, we propel ourselves closer to our ideals in medical care.


4.Value Personality ahead of Professional Expertise.

As professionals, we continuously strive for personal growth as it enhances not only our expertise but also our humanity. Respect, gratitude, integrity, and recognition of strengths govern our daily conduct. Our positive attitudes elevate team effectiveness, nurturing a culture of trust and confidence. In every action we take, we exemplify the essence of our mission: Creating Hope Through Healthcare.


5.United beyond hierarchies. One Team, extending a helping hand.

CUC Partners comprises of a diverse ensemble of individuals and organizations united by the mission of Creating Hope Through Healthcare. We have shed hierarchical divisions in favor of recognizing each member’s unique role within the team. Fostering an open and supportive environment, we embrace empathy and dialogue, pooling our strengths to achieve extraordinary outcomes that only a unified team can deliver.