CUC Group

Business Overview


The CUC Group, which consists of CUC Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries, is working to solve issues in the medical field through a multifaceted approach, including management support for medical institutions and operation of nursing stations and hospices.

Business Structure

We are developing our business with the aim of realizing our mission of Creating Hope through Healthcare. We are expanding our business domains and regions where we operate both domestically and internationally.

Our Business

CUC Group Business Data

Expansion of Business Locations

Since its establishment in 2014, the CUC Group has continued to expand the scale of its business. We will continue to respond quickly to changes in the environment surrounding the healthcare industry and aim to further expand the scale of our business.

Total number of facilities:120 (As of March 31, 2023)

Nursing stations: 86, Hospices: 34

Number of Group Employees

CUC was established in August 2014 and has developed various support businesses in the healthcare field. In 2017, the company launched its own operations, including the operation of hospices and nursing stations, to achieve new business development rooted in the essential issues of the medical field. By March 2023, our ninth year in business, the number of group employees had expanded to more than 3,000. Together with our colleagues who share the same mission of Creating Hope through Healthcare, we will continue to confront the healthcare challenges in Japan and around the world.

Number of employees:3,008 (As of March 2023)

CUC Group Consolidated Revenue(billion yen)

  1. 2021.3 ¥16.6bn
  2. 2022.3 ¥35.3bn
  3. 2023.3 ¥35.2bn