In-home Nursing business

In-home Nursing business


Home Nursing

We operate home nursing stations throughout Japan. To respond to the desire to be treated at home and to provide safe and secure home medical care for seriously ill clients, we are gradually transitioning to a 24-hour, 365-day system.

Day Service (day care)

We operate day service centers at four locations in Tokyo. We offer a full range of services to improve exercise function and nutrition under the supervision of therapists, as well as preventive programs for dementia and disuse syndrome. Our strength lies in preventing clients from becoming confined and supporting independent living.

In-home Nursing Care Support

The eight in-home care support offices attached to the home nursing stations work with medical staff to create care plans that make it easier for clients with medical needs to stay at home. We carefully consider appropriate solutions in cooperation with the local community.

In-home Clinical Trials and In-home Monitoring Services

Utilizing our knowledge of home nursing cultivated over the past 20 years since our founding, we are developing an in-home clinical trial project to cooperate with pharmaceutical companies while reducing the burden on participants. In addition, we are operating a health monitoring call center in cooperation with government and local municipalities.

Business Data

Number of stations86 *Figures as of March 2023

Number of patients12,704 *Figures as of March 2023

Number of employees1,598 *Figures as of March 2023