Medical Institution Cost Optimization Support

Medical equipment maintenance cost optimization consulting

Objectives and Support

The cost of maintenance of large medical equipment such as CTs and MRIs accounts for a large proportion of the costs borne by hospitals. The breakdown of these costs is often opaque, and in many cases, the hidden costs are an excessive burden on hospitals. Our service helps hospitals reduce maintenance costs by making opaque costs visible.

Main items

CT, MRI, angiography, linear accelerator, SPECT, PET, X-ray TV, echo, etc.

Medical supply purchasing consulting

Objectives and Support

The cost of purchasing pharmaceuticals is an unavoidable expense. Moreover, many companies find that annual NHI price revisions require lengthy and time-consuming negotiations with pharmaceutical wholesalers. We offer a new service that reduces the three costs associated with purchasing pharmaceuticals: (1) price negotiation costs, (2) purchasing costs, and (3) ordering costs.

Facilities eligible for services

Hospitals and clinics that provide in-hospital prescription fulfillment.

IT business consulting

Objectives and Support

In collaboration with CUC i-DATA Inc., a group company, we provide consistent support for efficient IT operations, from analysis of the status of hospital management and operations through to support after the system goes live, as well as IT investment cost containment through analysis of contract schedules and cost optimization.

Outsourcing cost optimization program

Objectives and Support

Hospital outsourcing costs vary in specification and scope from facility to facility, making it very difficult to determine the appropriateness of price and specification scope. We can help you reduce costs and improve operations by optimizing the specifications and scope of each outsourced service through comparisons with other hospitals, site visits, and interviews.

Main Targets of Support

Cleaning, security, central monitoring room (equipment maintenance),
food service, external inspection, sterilization, SPD, etc.

Medical fee factoring

In the factoring (early funding) business, we purchase credits from corporations and sole proprietors running clinics and hospitals who receive medical receivables fees from the National Health Insurance Federation (National Health Insurance) and the Social Insurance Medical Fee Payment Fund (Social Insurance). In return we provide faster replacement payments to help improve their cash flow.

Terms and Conditions

  • Administration fee is 1.0% of the purchase amount (first time only)
  • Up to 1 billion yen
  • Available anywhere in Japan

※Conditions vary depending on the size and financial condition of the hospital, clinic, or dispensing pharmacy.

Payment can be made in as little as 3 weeks

We can make early payment in as little as 35 days by paying in advance, instead of the usual 45 days after invoicing.

Early funding of up to 4 months

For example, if a clinic that receives 7 million yen/month in medical fees were to conduct factoring for 2 months, it would be possible to quickly provide funds of 11.9 million yen (7-million-yen x 2 months x 85%*).

※This formula is based on the early funding criteria set at 85%. The amount available for early funding is calculated on a facility-by-facility basis, based on criteria set according to the facility’s size and financial situation.

Unlimited use of funds

The use of funds is not limited and can be used for various purposes such as capital investment, bonus funds, opening new facilities, etc.

No collateral required.

Collateral is not required as this is just factoring of medical fees.

Screening is possible even if the company is in the red or has excessive debts

Even if your company is in the red or has excessive debts, we may be able to use your funds after asking about your situation and confirming your financial status.