Establishment of PT CUC Cipta Husada, a joint venture to operate and manage dialysis facilities in Indonesia

CUC Inc. (“CUC”; head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Keita Hamaguchi), a provider of management support services for healthcare institutions in Japan and overseas, and PT Masa Cipta Husada (“MCH”; head office: Jakarta SAR; President Director: Agus Hendrosusanto), a provider of dialysis facility operation and management services throughout Indonesia, established a joint venture, PT CUC Cipta Husada (“CCH”; head office: Jakarta SAR; President Director: Takamichi Tanabe) on March 9th, 2023, and started operations on May 30th.

*Indirect interest through CUC’s wholly-owned consolidated subsidiary, CUC SINGAPORE PTE.LTD.

MCH, established in 2006 as a dialysis facility operation and management services company, operates and manages dialysis facilities in dialysis clinics and hospitals, and as of February 2023, operates and manages 46 dialysis facilities in Indonesia.

CUC was established in 2014 and operates in a wide range of healthcare markets in Japan and Asia with the mission to “Creating Hope through Healthcare”.

In Indonesia, CUC started providing management support for dialysis facilities in 2019, mainly in the capital city of Jakarta, utilizing the know-how and experiences developed in Japan. We are contributing to the healthcare market, including the healthcare system in Indonesia.

With the establishment of CCH, CUC will greatly expand its support for dialysis facilities throughout Indonesia and contribute to the treatment of the country’s growing number of end-stage renal failure patients. In addition, by leveraging CUC’s expertise in dialysis facility management support in Japan and MCH’s network, CUC will develop its business to provide high-quality treatment through dialysis facility management support.

■ Future Prospects

Through the development of CCH’s business, we plan to work on providing more affordable and better quality dialysis treatment.

In order to realize our mission of “Creating Hope through Healthcare,” we will continue to expand our business further through our active efforts to solve healthcare issues in Indonesia.

*Observation of healthcare institutions in Japan by MCH.

■ Comments from Agus Hendrosusanto, MCH President Director

I feel very honored to be able to establish a joint venture with CUC. We are looking forward to working with CUC and supporting many dialysis facilities in the future.

■ Indonesia’s Healthcare Market Outlook

With a population growth rate of 1.1% (as of 2018), Indonesia’s population is expected to reach 299.2 million by 2030(*1), and it is urgent to create an environment where more people can access quality healthcare.

In 2020, Indonesia’s per capita health care expenditure will be US$133, approximately eight times higher than in 2000 (*2), and the number of patients with lifestyle-related diseases is expected to increase along with the growth of the middle-income class.

Diabetes, one of the lifestyle-related diseases and a factor in chronic kidney disease, is the third leading cause of death in Indonesia (in 2019)(*3), and attention to lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise and health awareness are increasing(*4).

■Basic Information on Indonesia

・ Official name: Republic of Indonesia
・ Land area: approx. 1,920,000,000㎢
・ Capital: Jakarta
・ Population: 270 million (as of 2020, based on data from the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics (BPS))

■ Company Profile

PT CUC Cipta Husada

・ Company name: PT CUC Cipta Husada
・ Address: Gading Mediterranean Residences Apt. Unit #RK/26/C, JI. Boulevard Gading Raya, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
・ President Director: Takamichi Tanabe
・ Establishment: March 9th, 2023
・ Investment ratio: CUC SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. 67%, PT Masa Cipta Husada 33%

CUC Inc.

・ Company name: CUC Inc.
・ Address: 15F msb Tamachi Tamachi Station Tower N, 3-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・ Representative Director: Keita Hamaguchi
・ Establishment: August 8th, 2014
・ URL:

With the mission of “Creating Hope through Healthcare,” CUC Inc. is engaged in management support business for healthcare institutions in Japan and overseas, as well as home nursing and hospice business, in order to solve various medical issues.

In 2019, we have started management support business for healthcare institutions in Indonesia and Vietnam, and are actively considering overseas expansion in the future.

*For detailed information on our business, please refer to CUC Group Sustainability Report 2022.

CUC Group Sustainability Report 2022:

PT Masa Cipta Husada

・ Company name: PT Masa Cipta Husada
・ Address: Gading Mediterania Residences Apt. Unit #RK/26/C, JI. Boulevard Gading Raya,Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
・ President Director: Agus Hendrosusanto
・ Establishment: December 2006
・ Main Business: Establishment of dialysis facilities, operation and management of dialysis facilities
・ Number of business locations: 46

PT Masa Cipta Husada is engaged in the establishment and operation of dialysis facilities and management services in Indonesia. MCH provides high quality dialysis services to support the lives of the country’s growing number of patients with end-stage renal failure.